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Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 171 with Ben Branam
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

This is really scary, but mom did a great job. She saved her husband and her daughter.

Misappropriated Valor
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

We’ve heard the various stories of miscreants who have never done much with their lives, and never served, but in the interests of getting a little attention, find a uniform, some patches and other insignia, and parade around public places.  “Stolen valor” is offensive to those of us who value the sacrifice our military men

Even Though They are Completely Undeserving…
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

Something happened this past weekend that was so juicy, Tropicana would be all over it. But, I think it would be against my sense of decency to broadcast it. For the past six years, on the heels of every overexposed shooting that’s happened, we’ve seen the fanboys and fangirls of one particular hoplophobia herd proclaim

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 1709 with Tony Simon
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Include other employees and co-workers in your security plan. Is there always someone in the store who is armed? Have you and your armed employee trained or practiced together?

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 169 with Tiffany Johnson
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Give police very basic information. A man pulled a gun and demanded cash, my life was in danger, I had to defend myself. I intend to cooperate fully, but first I need medical attention, and to speak to my attorney.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 167 with Jeff Street
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Get your family to a safe location. In this case, inside your home. Stay on the phone with 911. Put your gun into its holster so it isn’t in your hand when the police arrive.

VPC: The Pace Car of Gun Control Misinformation
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

So, the Violence Policy Center was…invited(?) to speak at that Congressional Hearing on “Protecting America from Assault Weapons.”  Which, to me, really shows more desperation on behalf of the Party of Gun Control. Because anyone who has seriously looked at anything published by the VPC knows they are not to be taken seriously.  From the

Inglés con Beto!
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

We’ve heard him try to impress us with his bilingualism (being multilingual myself, I am not terribly impressed, but that may be just me), interpolating Spanish into his public speeches. But did you know what his phrase for “I will not be President” is?

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 166 with Elizabeth Hautman
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

In a robbery like this, everyone drops to the floor. That means there are a lot of bodies when robber runs away, but you don’t know if they are hurt or injured.

What is Wrong with the TAPS Act?
Published on   |  By Craig DeLuz

Craig interviews FPC Director of Legal Policy Matthew Larosiere on the TAPS Act and digs in to why this bill is a threat to everyone. Read FPC’s policy paper on the TAPS Act: