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  • Armed Defense, the Lives We Save, and the Lives We Live
    A growing number of us go armed in public. We’ve added millions of new people who have a permit to carry concealed. We’ve ignored the tens of millions of law abiding citizens who were denied the right to keep and bear arms.
  • A Little Bit of History
    Here are two images that might make you sick. I’ve already written a few articles about the WW1-era M1911 I inherited when my Dad passed away earlier this year, and discovering how viable a defensive firearm […]
  • Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 171 with Ben Branam
    This is really scary, but mom did a great job. She saved her husband and her daughter.
  • Misappropriated Valor
    We’ve heard the various stories of miscreants who have never done much with their lives, and never served, but in the interests of getting a little attention, find a uniform, some patches and other insignia, and […]
  • The News Media is Out of Control, and That is a Problem
    The news media is more concerned with celebrity and political propaganda than telling the truth. At least the media isn’t hiding their lies anymore. Now the real stories are coming to light.
  • Even Though They are Completely Undeserving…
    Something happened this past weekend that was so juicy, Tropicana would be all over it. But, I think it would be against my sense of decency to broadcast it. For the past six years, on the […]