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Becerra Files for Emergency Stay in Overturning of CA’s Magazine Capacity Law
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed several documents requesting an emergency stay in the vacating of the unconstitutional law, pending an appeal to the 9th Circuit.

Santa Fe shooting victims say ‘parents and teachers should be armed’
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At a church service on Sunday, Monica Bracknell, an 18-year-old Santa Fe High School senior who survived the shooting, told Gov. Abbott the tragedy wasn’t about guns.

Gun control group now going after… muskets?
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Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ gun control group released a report on Wednesday calling for increased gun control measures targeting… muzzle-loading rifles.

Worst “lone wolf” attack in U.S. history: at least 50 dead in Las Vegas
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At least 50 have been killed and more than 400 hundred wounded in the largest “lone wolf” attack in U.S. history.

Can government leaders seize guns in emergency situations?
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The Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands has issued an order authorizing the territory’s national guard to seize guns in advance of the approach of Hurricane Irma.

Massive coalition files briefs with the Supreme Court to overturn assault weapon ban
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A massive coalition of 21 state attorney generals, 34 law enforcement groups, the NRA, and others filed briefs on Friday asking the Supreme Court to overturn assault weapon ban.

Charlottesville Mayor asks Virginia for permission to suspend second amendment rights
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Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer asked the Virginia Legislature on Friday for permission to suspend his constituent’s Second Amendment rights.

Oregon Governor Signs Gun Confiscation Law
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Oregon Governor Brown signed a gun confiscation bill into law on Wednesday, permitting Oregon judges to order guns to be seized without advance notice to the gun owner.

Sweeping house bill introduced to overturn state assault weapon bans
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The U.S. House of Representatives unveiled a sweeping bill on Monday intended to overturn all state assault weapon bans.

Will the Real Racists Please Stand Up? Racism and Gun Control
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There is an element of racism associated with the American gun control movement, but its origins and proponents may be surprising to many.