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Misappropriated Valor
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

We’ve heard the various stories of miscreants who have never done much with their lives, and never served, but in the interests of getting a little attention, find a uniform, some patches and other insignia, and parade around public places.  “Stolen valor” is offensive to those of us who value the sacrifice our military men

How’s This for a Headline
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

The above picture is of somebody in the Austin area, who, feeling guilt-ridden over owning a piece of hardware similar to what was used in a grossly criminal act, decided to turn his in, and make a scene of it. Never mind that the former AK owner was nothing like the shooter, and more than

No more kneeling: NFL to punish athletes who disrespect the flag
Published on   |  By

The NFL announced a policy on Wednesday that would punish teams and league workers who do not “stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem.”

President Trump Proclaims Nov 19 through 25 as National Family Week
Published on   |  By

President Trump Proclaims November 19 through November 25, 2017 as National Family Week

President Trump participates in moment of silence for Patriot Day
Published on   |  By

President Trump proclaims September 11, 2017, as Patriot Day. Calls for flags to be displayed at half-staff, and for a moment of silence.

Standard Bearers: Elementary students honored for respecting U.S. flag during a rainstorm
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Standard Bearers: Two Florida elementary school students are being praised this week for respecting their school flag during a pouring rainstorm.