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Gorsuch: The Second Amendment is the Law of the Land
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On his first day of congressional confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch stated his firm belief the Second Amendment is the “law of the land”.

Arkansas Governor Considers Concealed-Carry Bill for College Students
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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson considers concealed-carry bill to permit college students to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses.

Doctors Claim Civilians Are Too Incompetent to Own Firearms
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A group of doctors are asking the Connecticut state Supreme Court to reinstate a dismissed lawsuit against Remington, essentially arguing that civilians are too incompetent to be trusted with firearms.

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Bus Passengers May Carry Concealed Weapons
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Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that passengers on Madison city buses may now carry concealed weapons. Ruling met with praise by local gun rights group The ruling was met with praise by local gun rights group Wisconsin Carry, who had argued that cities should not be allowed to defy the state’s concealed-carry laws. Wisconsin Gov.