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How about you let them sit on YOUR porch for a while?
Published on   |  By Paul Lathrop

I have always thought that levels of government should deal with other levels of government and international governments just as you or I would deal with another person. With respect, but not allow ourselves to be victimized. This applies to every level of government and I am proud to see that my viewpoint is finally

House bill would send sanctuary city officials to prison for obstruction
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A house bill introduced on Monday would send sanctuary city officials who obstruct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts to prison for up to five years.

Push for national E-Verify gains ground
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Acting director of the Social Security Administration calls on Congress to mandate “E-Verify”

California lawmakers propose free Medicaid for illegal immigrants
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Democratic lawmakers in California announced on Wednesday their plan to provide free medicare coverage to illegal immigrants.

ICE announces massive crackdown on businesses that hire illegal immigrants
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The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced on Tuesday that the agency is preparing a massive crackdown on businesses that employ illegal immigrants.

Trump administration unveils new immigration enforcement plan
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President Trump unveiled a new immigration enforcement plan on Sunday, focusing on removing incentives for illegal immigration.

The staggering cost of illegal immigration: $135 billion per year
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A report released on Wednesday by the Federation for American Immigration Reform says illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers a staggering $135 billion each year.

State of Washington files lawsuit to pay illegal immigrant prisoners minimum wage
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Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to force a state prison to pay its illegal immigrant prisoners a minimum wage of $11 per hour.

California lawmakers approve ‘sanctuary state’ bill
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California lawmakers approved a bill on Saturday to make the entire state a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants.

President Trump rescinds DACA amnesty for illegal immigrants
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The Trump administration announced on Tuesday it was rescinding former president Obama’s DACA amnesty program for illegal immigrants.