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Santa Fe shooting victims say ‘parents and teachers should be armed’
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At a church service on Sunday, Monica Bracknell, an 18-year-old Santa Fe High School senior who survived the shooting, told Gov. Abbott the tragedy wasn’t about guns.

Utah Lowers Concealed Carry Age to 18 Following Rape on College Campus
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Following the broad daylight on-campus rape last year of a Utah college student, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill on Thursday lowering the concealed carry age in the State of Utah to 18.

Maryland Governor Vows to End Sanctuary Status Following Brutal School Rape
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Following the brutal rape of a 14-year old girl inside a Maryland school by two illegal immigrants, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced on Friday he would seek to end the sanctuary status.

Arkansas Governor Considers Concealed-Carry Bill for College Students
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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson considers concealed-carry bill to permit college students to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses.

Gun-Free Businesses in Missouri May Be Held Liable
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A bill is being considered in Missouri that would hold “gun-free” businesses that disarm their patrons criminally liable for injuries caused by another person or animal on their property.