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On Rights and Needs
Published on   |  By 99point7percent

Sooner or later, every gun owner or gun rights advocate will have these questions asked to him or her: “Why do you need a gun?” “Why do you need *that* gun?” “Why do you need so many guns?” “Why do you need to carry a gun to get groceries?” “Why do you need so much

Longtime Conservative Commentator & Gun Rights Activist Takes Over The Reins at 2ANews Corp.
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SACRAMENTO, CA – He describes himself at a carrying member of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”. But Craig DeLuz plans to prove he’s no ordinary conservative as he begins his tenure the President & C.E.O. for Second Amendment News Corporation (2ANews). “You could say I’m a gun toting, urban, Black, conservative who loves America and

University of Wisconsin to expel students who disrupt campus speeches
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The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved a policy on Friday to expel students who disrupt campus speeches or otherwise infringe on another’s right to free speech.

Ethnically diverse prayer group speaking against racism attacked by Antifa in Berkeley
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On Saturday, an ethnically diverse prayer group speaking out against hate and racism was attacked by Antifa thugs in an act of violence that San Francisco Mayor Lee calls “peaceful protest”.

Has America become too politically correct?
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A poll released on Wednesday delivers a scathing rebuke to political correctness in America.

Who is to blame for the violence in Charlottesville?
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Additional responsible parties have been identified in connection with Saturday’s deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Harvard University committee votes to restrict student constitutional freedoms
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A Harvard University faculty review committee has voted to restrict student’s constitutional right to assembly and freedom of association.

Louisiana Governor Vetoes Bill Protecting Free Speech on Campus
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Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, a democrat, vetoed a bill on Monday that would have protected free speech at Louisiana’s colleges and universities.

NWU Professor Says Supreme Court is Wrong on Free Speech
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A sociology professor at NWU said on Wednesday that the Supreme Court got it wrong when it unanimously sided in favor of free speech.

Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling: Free Speech More Important than Hurt Feelings
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In a rare unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that having one’s feelings hurt is not sufficient cause to silence free speech.