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Red States are going to church… Blue States are going to Hell?
Published on   |  By Craig DeLuz

Going to church does not necessarily mean that you are going to heaven. But according to multiple studies, it may mean that you are more likely to vote Republican.

Ethnically diverse prayer group speaking against racism attacked by Antifa in Berkeley
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On Saturday, an ethnically diverse prayer group speaking out against hate and racism was attacked by Antifa thugs in an act of violence that San Francisco Mayor Lee calls “peaceful protest”.

Has America become too politically correct?
Published on   |  By

A poll released on Wednesday delivers a scathing rebuke to political correctness in America.

Harvard University committee votes to restrict student constitutional freedoms
Published on   |  By

A Harvard University faculty review committee has voted to restrict student’s constitutional right to assembly and freedom of association.

Texas Adoption Bill Hailed as Victory for Religious Freedom
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In a victory for religious freedom, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is preparing to sign a bill that will permit faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place children into situations that violate their religious beliefs.

Farmer Banned From Local Market for Voicing Religious Beliefs
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The City of East Lansing Michigan has banned a farmer from selling at a local farmer’s market after he voiced his religious beliefs regarding marriage.

President Trump Signs Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty
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President Trump signed an Executive Order on Thursday, National Prayer Day. The Order fulfills a Trump campaign pledge to restore freedom of speech and religious liberty to America’s religious organizations.