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Aethelred the Unreddit
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

Æthelred was an 11th century English king whose reign,  despite its lenth, was plagued with missteps, hence the sobriquet “unræd” (modernized to “Unready”) attached to his name.  It’s a play on his name, which meant “Nobly counseled.”  “Unræd” means “Not counseled” or “poorly/foolishly counseled.” And, it seems gun control propagandists are rife with folk who would

Spokane police department to equip all of its rifles with suppressors
Published on   |  By

Citing concerns over hearing loss, the Spokane Washington police department is equipping all of its rifles with suppressors.

Restoring an American tradition: WI bill would allow firearm safety courses in public school
Published on   |  By

Wisconsin lawmakers propose bill to allow high schools to teach firearm safety to students.