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Can government leaders seize guns in emergency situations?
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The Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands has issued an order authorizing the territory’s national guard to seize guns in advance of the approach of Hurricane Irma.

Petition to designate ANTIFA a terrorist group exceeds signature requirements
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A petition to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization has gathered nearly three times number of signatures required to trigger an official response from the White House.

Oregon Governor Signs Gun Confiscation Law
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Oregon Governor Brown signed a gun confiscation bill into law on Wednesday, permitting Oregon judges to order guns to be seized without advance notice to the gun owner.

American Bar Association votes to allow illegal immigrants to become lawyers
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In a shocking slap in the face to law and justice, the American Bar Association voted on Monday to allow illegal immigrants to serve as lawyers in U.S. courts.  

Harvard University committee votes to restrict student constitutional freedoms
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A Harvard University faculty review committee has voted to restrict student’s constitutional right to assembly and freedom of association.

Oregon Governor Preparing to Sign Gun Confiscation Law
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is preparing to sign a bill allowing gun confiscation based solely on someone’s hearsay complaint.