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Dear Larry J. Merlo
Published on   |  By John Richardson

This is an open letter to the CEO of CVS Health. Dear Mr. Merlo: I have been a customer of CVS and its predecessor chain Revco since the early 1980s. That is when I moved to Waynesville, North Carolina. I received fantastic service from Ken Holland, R.Ph., who has long since retired. The advice and consultation

You Can’t Give Away the Right of Self-Defense
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

It is neither moral nor practical for you to give away your right of self-defense. It isn’t our right of self-defense; it is yours. One to a person. Most of us couldn’t give it away we tried.

Democrats Use Every Excuse to Disarm the Good Guys
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Gun-free zones disarm the good guys but fail to disarm violent murderers. We saw this again in the mass murders last month. Gun-control politicians don’t care about this history of failure and the media never holds gun-control politicians to account.

The Obvious Message the Media Missed About Mass Murder
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

In contrast to what the media says about us, we are a peaceful people. We want to live and let live. That attitude changes when you shoot our neighbors.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 162 with Tony Simon
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Practice so you know how much time you need to present your firearm and how much time you need to shoot accurately. That way you’ll recognize when you have an opportunity to save your life.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 161 with Andee Reardon O’Brion
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

It’s often those quick trips to get gas or a coffee where we might have the urge to say “I don’t need my gun” and want to leave it home. That might be the one time you really need it. Carry everyday.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 160 with Jeff Street
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Running makes you a harder target and it also gets you out of trouble. Our defender called the police and stayed near the scene of the attack.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 159 with Elizabeth Hautman
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

A restraining order is good to have, but it is only a piece of paper. This woman had a plan for her own defense..and she needed it.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 158 with David Cole
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

An ATM at night is a watering hole for urban predators. They wait there until their next victim comes along. Here is a better idea if you need cash late at night. Go to the grocery store instead.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 157 with Amanda Suffecool
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

she needed her defensive tools where she could use them immediately. She didn’t have time to wait for the police, or to get her gun from the trunk of the car, or from a purse or backpack in the back seat.