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Will the Real Racists Please Stand Up? Racism and Gun Control
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There is an element of racism associated with the American gun control movement, but its origins and proponents may be surprising to many.

Supreme Court Reinstates Key Part of Trump Travel Ban and Grants Review
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The U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous interim decision on Monday, reinstating a key part of President Trump’s travel ban, and agreeing to hear the case in October.

NWU Professor Says Supreme Court is Wrong on Free Speech
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A sociology professor at NWU said on Wednesday that the Supreme Court got it wrong when it unanimously sided in favor of free speech.

Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling: Free Speech More Important than Hurt Feelings
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In a rare unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that having one’s feelings hurt is not sufficient cause to silence free speech.

Farmer Banned From Local Market for Voicing Religious Beliefs
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The City of East Lansing Michigan has banned a farmer from selling at a local farmer’s market after he voiced his religious beliefs regarding marriage.