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House bill would send sanctuary city officials to prison for obstruction
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A house bill introduced on Monday would send sanctuary city officials who obstruct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts to prison for up to five years.

Should mayors who create ‘sanctuary cities’ be arrested by the feds?
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Should leaders who create sanctuary cities be arrested? Many wonder why the U.S. federal government does not arrest local leaders who defy federal immigration laws.

Trump victory: Miami-Dade Florida abandons its “sanctuary city” policy
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Federal funding has been restored to Miami-Dade Florida following the city’s abandonment of its “sanctuary city” policies.

Denver Mayor preparing to sign ‘sanctuary city’ executive order
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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is preparing to sign an executive order making Denver a ‘sanctuary city’.

San Francisco to Pay Illegal Immigrant $190k: A slap in the face for “Kate’s Law”
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San Francisco has agreed to pay an illegal immigrant $190,000 for the “injustice” of turning him over to federal immigration authorities.