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Who REALLY wants an Assault Weapon Ban? – The Fight!
Published on   |  By The Gun Collective

This week on The Fight For Gun Rights, Jon Patton is talking about recent poll data from Gallup explaining a rise in opposition from both sides to so-called “Assault Weapons” bans.

The 1911 Chronicles: Restoring a Family Heirloom to a Functional Defensive Firearm
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

PART ONE: ACQUISITION I never really grew up around firearms.  Even though they were a part of my Dad’s upbringing in rural Virginia and West Virginia, as a means of helping feed their family of five, following the practices of generations of Appalachian families, he never once took me nor my brother hunting. I think

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 148 with David Cole
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

I’m glad you found us and welcome to episode 148 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.

Gun Companies Responsible for Crimes??? – The Fight!
Published on   |  By The Gun Collective

This week on The Fight For Gun Rights, Jon Patton is talking about the Connecticut supreme court stating that Remington Outdoors could be sued for the misuse and advertising of their product.

Episode 490 – Gina Roberts, News and DGUs
Published on   |  By Paul Lathrop

Introduction Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on April 8th. 2019, I’m Paul Lathrop Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk with Gina Roberts about Gun Owners of San Diego and their new efforts to train people who are at physical risk of

DA Refuses to Prosecute Fellow Democrats For Passing Illegal Gun Control Laws
Published on   |  By

A prosecutor refused to approve criminal charges against his fellow Democrats over the passage of gun control laws that are violations of state law.

Federal Judge Rules Gun Ban in Public Housing to Be Unconstitutional
Published on   |  By

U.S. District Judge Phil Gilbert ruled that the ban was a violation of residents’ Second Amendment right to own a firearm for lawful purposes.

Massad Ayoob The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Published on   |  By Charlie Cook

What can I say? He’s been the self defense go to guru since the 1970’s. He’s been influential on instructors, police officer, and authors since he started. He started the Lethal Force Institute in New Hampshire. LFI turned into Massad Ayoob Group and the MAG 20 and MAG 40 courses. Mas has author two dozen

Legal Foreign Resident Sues Hawaii Over Gun Lic. Denial
Published on   |  By

LIHUE, Hawaii — Andrew Roberts, a citizen of the United Kingdom living in Hawaii is suing the state over laws preventing him from obtaining a firearm licence. In documents filed Sunday, Roberts says that Hawaii statutes restricting gun ownership on the basis of citizenship are unconstitutional denials of equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment. “The

Your Federal Gun Rights Are Safe… For Now!
Published on   |  By Paul Lathrop

In my position as the principal behind the Polite Society Podcast and as the result of my attending SHOT Show and other industry events I receive a lot of email. Every time I sign up to attend an event my email address is sold to mailing lists; in the end I receive just about every