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Misappropriated Valor
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

We’ve heard the various stories of miscreants who have never done much with their lives, and never served, but in the interests of getting a little attention, find a uniform, some patches and other insignia, and parade around public places.  “Stolen valor” is offensive to those of us who value the sacrifice our military men

Political Corruption and Headline Surfing Leave Our Children at Risk
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

Set aside the ball games for a minute and study the risks our children face. Understand what really keeps our kids safe at schools.

Who Really Wants You to Be Ready?
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

I subscribe to Everytown’s email list; not because I agree with them, but because in the war over ideas and perspectives, it’s useful to know how the opposition thinks, especially if your rights are at stake.  Weaknesses in their arguments are easier to find that way, too. For example, in this email, Everytown attempts to

Infringed- Is the Right of Self-Defense Half Full or Half Empty?
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

A growing number of us go armed in public. We’ve added millions of new people who have a permit to carry concealed.
We’ve ignored the tens of millions of law abiding citizens who were denied the right to keep and bear arms.

Lies Democrat Politicians Told Me and the Media Sold Me
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

The media wants us to think crime is everywhere, while most counties in the US won’t have a single murder this year. The press ignores that our violent inner cities are run by Democrats.

VPC: The Pace Car of Gun Control Misinformation
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

So, the Violence Policy Center was…invited(?) to speak at that Congressional Hearing on “Protecting America from Assault Weapons.”  Which, to me, really shows more desperation on behalf of the Party of Gun Control. Because anyone who has seriously looked at anything published by the VPC knows they are not to be taken seriously.  From the

Federal Gun Control Deal on Life Support
Published on   |  By

Republicans wait with baited breath for  President Trump to put forward his proposal to address gun violence. Meanwhile, prospects for a bipartisan deal on gun control legislation are fading as the President and Democratic leaders are at odds on the key issue of expanding background checks. In fact, without even seeing it, Democrats are predicting

Mayor of San Jose is pushing one of the MOST Ridiculous Gun Control Policies
Published on   |  By Craig DeLuz

Morning Coffee with Craig: 9/2/2019 – The Mayor of San Jose, CA is pushing one of the MOST Ridiculous Gun Control Policies in the State

The Gun and I: 20 Years
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

This month marks my 20th year as a gun owner. In recognition of this personal milestone, I’d like to share with you a link to something I wrote to Wake Forest University professor Dr. David Yamane last year, who turned it into a post for his blog, Gun Culture 2.0. Since Dr. Yamane is a

Red Flag Gun Laws- the obvious problems politicians want to ignore
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

The politicians who give lip service to diversity want to make it a crime to think, feel, and act differently than the mob. Gun owners are the first sacrifice.