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Don’t Shoot The Messenger – Part 2
Published on   |  By John Richardson

Just like Chinese water torture, I think we are in for a series of NRA articles from The New Yorker detailing self-dealing, lavish spending, accounting irregularities, nepotism, and sweetheart deals at the National Rifle Association.

City of LA sued over law requiring disclosing ties NRA
Published on   |  By

NRA has filed suit against the city of Los Angeles challenging a newly implemented ordinance that seeks to limit ties between city contractors and the 2nd Amendment advocacy group.

The Reality of Race in America: We can’t handle the truth
Published on   |  By Craig DeLuz

Being black is part of who I am. But it does not dictate who I am or who I will become.

ICE announces massive crackdown on businesses that hire illegal immigrants
Published on   |  By

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced on Tuesday that the agency is preparing a massive crackdown on businesses that employ illegal immigrants.