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How’s This for a Headline
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

The above picture is of somebody in the Austin area, who, feeling guilt-ridden over owning a piece of hardware similar to what was used in a grossly criminal act, decided to turn his in, and make a scene of it. Never mind that the former AK owner was nothing like the shooter, and more than

Mugged by Reality
Published on   |  By Jeremy Hatfield

There’s nothing like reality giving you a little kick in the pants to show you just how unprepared you are for a crisis. I spent the last three days in Alaska’s Copper River basin, dipnetting for red salmon. In preparation for the trip, I packed what I thought I’d needed for about everything I was

Texas Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Sanctuary City Sheriff
Published on   |  By

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on Sunday against a sanctuary city sheriff and other Texas officials who have refused to enforce U.S. immigration laws.