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Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 159 with Elizabeth Hautman
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

A restraining order is good to have, but it is only a piece of paper. This woman had a plan for her own defense..and she needed it.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 157 with Amanda Suffecool
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

she needed her defensive tools where she could use them immediately. She didn’t have time to wait for the police, or to get her gun from the trunk of the car, or from a purse or backpack in the back seat.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 156 with Ben Branam
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

We’re at greater risk outside the home than inside. We’re at greater risk at night than during the day. The most dangerous thing you do is walk across the parking lot from the grocery store back to your car late at night.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 155 with Robyn Street
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

We offer training for the shooters that have not had the opportunity to do holster work and an opportunity for more experienced shooters to improve their competency.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 154 with Tony Simon
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

You’re having a really bad day, but be professional with the police. Don’t say a lot, but do say this. Point out the bad guy, articulate why he was a deadly threat and reiterate that you had to stop him from killing or seriously wounding you.

Self Defense Gun Stories: Episode 153 with Tiffany Johnson
Published on   |  By Rob Morse

I’m glad the defender was armed before he found out he had a problem.. like wearing a seatbelt before the car crash starts!