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Published on January 14, 2020  |  By Jeremy Hatfield 
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Æthelred was an 11th century English king whose reign,  despite its lenth, was plagued with missteps, hence the sobriquet “unræd” (modernized to “Unready”) attached to his name.  It’s a play on his name, which meant “Nobly counseled.”  “Unræd” means “Not counseled” or “poorly/foolishly counseled.”

And, it seems gun control propagandists are rife with folk who would like to think themselves as “Æthelred,” but in reality, are “Unræd.”


I guess this is why they rely so heavily on emotional topics–like protecting children–hoping it will distract the reader from the paucity of fact that plague their paragraphs.


I get alerts about activity on certain subreddits.  r/GunsAreCool is a notorious hoplophobe subreddit that loves to frame American gun culture as being shot through with stupidity, paranoia, and recklessness.

For example, they mischaracterized the White Community, TX church shooting as “2 dead, 1 in critical condition when 2A prevents tyranny in Texas church” with zero regard to how many lives were saved by the church’s security team.  This cavalier attitude about defensive gun use justifies our skepticism over their sincerity about saving lives.

Someone posted under the heading of “Gun Negligence” this article, which is another attempt to overplay how big of a problem “unsecured” guns are.  40% of gun owners admitted to having at least one gun unsecured in their house, even with kids.

Here’s what’s missing:  any mention of kids who are killed or injured by “unsecured guns” in the survey area, thus depriving their insinuations of any support.

The Trace has been pretty bad about this, too, talking about the hundreds of childrens’ lives lost to “unsecured guns” while stating how “4.6 million American Kids Live in Homes with Unsecured Guns.

It’s never established how many of those children (295 in 2016 according to that one article) used an “unsecured firearm” as opposed to those who managed to defeat measures to secure other guns.

And this question is never asked: “Why do the overwhelming number of those 4.6 million households with unsecured firearms not have this problem?”  Any responsible parent already knows the answer to this question:  being involved in the lives of your kids, and instilling respect for people and their property is your first line of defense.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t safely store our firearms:  many of us do this already, without being nagged by non-gun-owners who derive a little too much personal satisfaction from the aforementioned nagging.

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Jeremy T. Hatfield has been observing the Great American Gun Debate ever since he got his first handgun and concealed carry permit in 1999. He currently produces weekly Pro-2A videos for his Facebook page, "Here's What's Missing," which got him noticed for providing weekly content for 2ANews. Born and raised in the South (and, yes, his forefathers fought in that Feud along the West Virginia-Kentucky line), he got his undergraduate degree in German from Western Carolina University, his Master's in German Literature from the University of Tennessee, and has worked in teaching, counseling, advertising, tourism, and currently helps run a hardware store in Alaska's Interior.

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