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Red Flag Laws – The Modern Witch Hunt
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

After the horrible carnage of the last two weeks, we have seen some folks and some organizations who claim to be staunch defenders of the Constitution and Bill of Rights fold like a cheap suit.  Sadly, I always suspected President Trump would fold on gun rights, and this is not his first example of that. 

Why I Ardently Support The Second Amendment
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

Often at times like this, just after a cop has just been callously murdered by some dirtbag with a gun, people ask me how it is that I, as a brother in blue, can be such a strong advocate of the second amendment. I have recently been in the very shoes that many Sacramento PD

Dangers of Poorly Thought Out Social Media Posts by LE Agencies
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

I don’t like to jam up law enforcement agencies, especially not ones that are local to me and ones that I have friends who work there, but dammit Stockton PD, really? Or maybe it is just the person who runs your social media, but this Facebook post is absolutely HORRIBLE! I get it, that gun

Glock Perfection Perfected
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

With the unexpected death last year of R. Lee Ermey, widely known as “The Gunny,” Glock lost a beloved spokesman.  On Monday, April 8, 2019, Glock announced their new spokesman.  In a move that can only be called a perfect replacement, they have reached an agreement with the one and only Chuck Norris to take

Becerra Files for Emergency Stay in Overturning of CA’s Magazine Capacity Law
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed several documents requesting an emergency stay in the vacating of the unconstitutional law, pending an appeal to the 9th Circuit.

Federal Court Judge Rules CA’s “High Capacity” Magazine Ban Unconstitutional
Published on   |  By DeputyMatt

In a huge show of support for both the Bill of Rights, and for California gun owners, United States District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez found for the plaintiffs and granted summary judgment in the case of Duncan v. Becerra, which challenged California’s “high capacity” magazine ban. The complete ruling as written by the judge is lengthy,