(2ANEWS) – The Washington Post conducted a review of “every possible regulatory change” made under the Trump administration and found that none of them contributed to the derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Even a member of Biden’s own administration (NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy) called out Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s claim that a proposed rule withdrawn in 2018 (under the Trump administration) had contributed to the Ohio train disaster as “misinformation.”

“We decided to examine every possible regulatory change made under Trump that could be related to the accident and assess whether it could have made an impact,” Glenn Kessler wrote in a piece published Monday by at the Washington Post.

The New York Times also acknowledged such claims as inaccurate.

Former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, where he delivered truckloads of bottled water to residents worried about water quality in the area following the derailment, President Joe Biden has yet to visit the affected area.


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