Antifa thugs assault Patriot Prayer rally in Berkeley, August 26, 2017 (Image: AP)
Ethnically diverse prayer group speaking against racism attacked by Antifa in Berkeley

Ethnically diverse prayer group with anti-racism message attacked by Antifa

On Saturday, an ethnically diverse prayer group speaking out against hate and racism was attacked by Antifa thugs in an act of violence that San Francisco Mayor Lee somehow calls “peaceful protest”.

The group, Patriot Prayer, whose planned speakers included 3 blacks, 2 hispanics, 1 asian, 1 samoan, 1 muslim, 2 women, and 1 white male, was apparently targeted by liberal democrats because the group’s name contained the word, “patriot”, and its members supported President Trump.

Joey Gibson, the group’s founder, is a Japanese American and has repeatedly said his group disavows racism and hatred in all forms. In addition, the organizer of the event, Amber Cummings, is a transgender woman who has also repeatedly denounced racism. The group had hoped to use the event to promote a dialogue, engage in prayer, and speak out against racism.

Apparently, the group’s call for an end to racism and hatred, and its ethnically diverse speaker lineup, means little to liberal democrats, who could not look past the group’s conservative values.

Antifa thugs assault Patriot Prayer rally in Berkeley, August 26, 2017
Antifa thugs assault Patriot Prayer rally in Berkeley, August 26, 2017 (Image: Twitter user)

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, a liberal Democrat, objected to the group’s planned event last week, hinting the event would attract hate speech and violence. Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, apparently taking a queue from the Mayor, fanned the call for violence by publicly labeling the event a “white supremacist” event, despite the diverse ethnicity of the event’s speakers and its planned anti-racism message.

Officers told to stand down as the anarchists moved in

Hundreds of masked, black-shirted Antifa thugs showed up, armed with shields, clubs, and waving a flag identifying themselves as anarchists. When the anarchists pushed their way past officers and approached the prayer group, Berkeley police chief Andrew Greenwood told his officers to stand down, stating there was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch.” Confusingly, Greenwood said he made a strategic decision to let the anarchists move in on the prayer group in order to avoid violence.

Among those assaulted was Joey Gibson, the leader of the prayer group, who was sprayed by pepper spray and forced to retreat behind a line of officers, who ultimately set off smoke grenades to drive away the anarchists. At least 4 other persons were also assaulted by the masked mob, who kicked and punched the group’s members until police finally came to their assistance.

In one ironic confrontation, a number of furious protestors confronted a Latino man who was holding a “God Bless Donald Trump” sign, screaming and shouting, “You are an immigrant,” and “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“There is a complete mob mentality here. People are randomly accusing random people of being Nazis” – Twitter post

Police were forced to rescue another man, pulling him physically over a wall by his shirt, as several dozen rioters surrounded him, screaming  “Nazi go home”, pushing and shoving him towards the fence. One observer tweeted, “There is a complete mob mentality here. People are randomly accusing random people of being Nazis.”

San Francisco Mayor Lee appeared pleased at the use of violence to silence the conservative group

San Francisco Mayor Lee appeared pleased at the use of violence to silence the conservative group, apparently disregarding both the diversity of their planned speakers and their message of love and anti-racism.

Lee also issued a veiled threat to future conservative groups, “If people want to have the stage in San Francisco, they better have a message that contributes to people’s lives rather than find ways to hurt them.” Lee added, “That’s why certain voices found it very difficult to have their voices heard today.”

An upside-down world: Anti-racism and love called “hate”, while assault and violence is called “peaceful protest”.

Following the incident, Mayor Lee labeled the group’s planned message of love and anti-racism as “hate”, and described the violence and assaults by the masked anarchists, as a “peaceful” protest. Lee said, “Today, the people of San Francisco, once again, peacefully united to reject hate and violence.”

The organizers of the event, however, blamed Lee and Pelosi for deliberately and falsely portraying the group as violent right-wing extremists intent on bringing hate to San Francisco. Speaking with reporters Saturday afternoon, Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, also scolded Antifa and “By Any Means Necessary”, a left-wing group, for spreading lies about the event.

Fascism: “The forcible suppression of opposition”

By definition, fascism is the “forcible suppression of opposition”. The “antifa” thugs who assaulted the prayer group claim to be against hate and fascism, hence their nickname “anti-fa[scism]”.   However, their actions reflect the very definition of fascism at its most extreme.

Antifa uses force to silence groups of people whom they find objectionable. This was evidenced on Saturday in Berkeley.

How do fascists take power?

The Capital Research Center was established in 1984 to examine how foundations, charities, and other nonprofit groups use their donor’s money to influence politics and advocate for causes.

In February, 2017, the Center attempted to answer the question, “How do fascists take power?” The Center identified a pattern of behavior that fascist groups generally follow:

“First, they are angry with election results or how the country is being run.”

“Then fascists use militant tactics to force the population into supporting, or acquiescing in, their cause, even though most citizens don’t actually support the fascist agenda.”

Sign the petition designating Antifa a domestic terrorist organization

A petition to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization has already gathered more than three times the number of signatures required to trigger an official response from the White House.

Citizens wishing to sign the petition designating Antifa a domestic terrorism group may do so on the White House’s online petition system at

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