UC Students protest
UC Students protest tuition increase (Image: AP Photo)
University of California Announces Policy to give Illegal Immigrants Preference Over U.S. Students

Regents for the University of California have announced a policy that gives preferential treatment to illegal immigrants by limiting enrollment of U.S. citizens.

University of California “Policy 2109”

18% limit on the number of U.S. citizens
No limits for illegal immigrant students

The official university policy approved last month by the University of California Board of Regents, called “Policy 2109“, will impose an 18% limit on the number of out-of-state U.S. citizen students that may attend any university campus. No limits will be imposed, however, on the number of illegal immigrant students. At one UC campus, illegal immigrant students already outnumber black students.

The policy was reportedly adopted because of demands by California lawmakers who had threatened to withhold $20 million in public funds unless the limit was imposed.

UC spokesperson Claire Doan has acknowledged the disproportionate consideration that the policy gives to undocumented (i.e. illegal immigrant) students. Said Doan, “The caps do not apply to undocumented students.”

$40,000 tuition for U.S. citizens
$15,000 tuition for illegal immigrants

In addition to limits on enrollment, U.S. citizens will also pay significantly higher tuition costs at UC campuses than their illegal immigrant peers. As a result of former President Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) policy, illegal immigrants who qualify for California’s AB 450 nonresident tuition exemption program pay a mere $15,000 for their annual tuition. Out-of-state U.S. citizens students, however, will pay $40,000 in annual tuition fees for the same education.

By their own admission, the University of California estimates they are already servicing approximately 3,700 students who are in the country illegally. The university claims it does not require their students to disclose their immigration status on the application, however, given the fact that the university charges U.S. citizen students a higher annual tuition than they charge their illegal immigrant peers, the University must be aware of their student’s status.

Policy follows on the heels of the University’s “non-cooperation” announcement last year

The university announced last year that it would not coooerate with federal authorities to identify illegal immigrant students. The university made the announcement after student activists demanded the university become a “sanctuary campus”.

UC President Janet Napolitano’s legacy: illegal immigration surge and an alleged $175m university slush fund

University of California President Janet Napolitano
University of California President Janet Napolitano (Image: Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP)

UC President Janet Napolitano is the former Governor of Arizona and (later) the Department of Homeland Secretary. According to data provided by the PEW Research Center, during Napolitano’s tenure as Arizona Governor and DHS head, illegal immigration in the United States increased by more than 2 million, from 9.4 million to 11.4 million.

Napolitano is a staunch democratic party liberal.

Alleged $175 million slush fund discovered

Napolitano was also in the news earlier this year when auditors reportedly discovered that her office had amassed approximately $175 million in reserve funds by allegedly routinely overestimating university costs and then simply retaining the surplus. At the same time, UC student tuition was raised, prompting angry protest across the state.

Napolitano’s office also allegedly paid its staff salaries significantly higher than comparable workers in similar positions and incurred repeated lavish travel expenses. Napolitano’s own salary is reported to exceed $570,000 per year.


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