If there is one thing I have to admire about the progressive socialist left it’s how they will all come together on the same talking point. Instead of illegal immigrants, someone came up with “undocumented workers.” Nancy Pelosi has coined the term “newcomers.” There is nothing happening at our border, it is just a “manufactured crisis.” All of a sudden, the government makes “investments” when, actually, it just spends our money and uses the weapon of mass destruction called taxation for its aims.

Now, we have our latest new buzzword from the leftists as debuted by two Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg: oligarchy. Sanders quipped that we are moving in the direction of an oligarchy and he is going to end it. Yep, the ol’ “fair share” rhetoric is back, just refreshed a little.

It is easy to see what is happening, instead of the progressive socialists having to defend socialism as an economic model — which they cannot — they are seeking to put capitalism on trial. Notice they never say “free market/free enterprise.”

Yes, once again, they are displaying their maniacal genius because there are enough people who will fall for the false narrative of “income inequality” and “reparations.” The bottom line is that the very first tenet of the socialist economic model — which does lead to a communist societal construct — is wealth redistribution.

Now, think about it, this morning we are awakening to newly crowned Men’s NCAA basketball tournament champions. Basically, there is one team, top of the heap, a one-percenter, who beat out and outlasted the other 67 teams who entered into the tournament one month ago. Are we to believe that this championship team should now be accused of championship inequality? Should they be made to relinquish their championship, ya know, after all, “they didn’t earn that?”

What I find abjectly hypocritical is that a person like Bernie Sanders — who never had a job until the age of 40 — is lecturing us about America becoming a nation of oligarchs. How interesting that this is coming from someone who owns multiple lake homes in Vermont, and his resume only contains political positions. Can someone tell me about a single major legislative accomplishment by Senator Bernie Sanders? The dude has been living the ultimate participation trophy life, getting something for doing absolutely nothing. He is suddenly trying to attack the free market/free enterprise economic system?

Puh-leeze, do not give me that Scandinavian country socialist success rhetoric, heck, even they have told you American socialists to stop using them as some model.

Consider this: the Democrat (socialist) Party loves to rant about the rich, and income inequality. However, as we shared this with y‘all previously, the top ten wealthiest Congressional districts in America are represented by the left. Think about the world’s richest fella, Jeff Bezos, not exactly a constitutional conservative. Think about these very rich leftists who fund all the insidious progressive socialist leftists movements in America: George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg (Mr. Anti-2A), Warren Buffett (who held up the Keystone XL pipeline since he owns a railroad), Bill Gates (Mr. Common Core), Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey (who loves to censor Christians and conservatives on Twitter). Are we to believe that these multi-billionaire leftists are not examples of Sanders’ and Buttigieg’s description of oligarchs?


The true elitists in America are all on the side of progressive socialism. Look at the entertainment elites. Steven Spielberg is certainly not going to invite me to his home for a fundraiser, nor Oprah Winfrey. Who controls Hollywood? Well, just ask the folks who produced the movies “Gosnell” and “Unplanned.” Yes, it is the leftist oligarchs. Who is control of academia in America? Just wait and see how many conservatives are invited to deliver college commencement addresses. Yes, it is leftist oligarchs. Who are the loudest voices in the arena of sports elites, ya know, like Colin Kaepernick, right, leftist oligarchs? Dang, who else came get a multi-million dollar check written to them for advocating taking a knee on our National Anthem and American flag?

Yes, only progressive socialist leftists oligarch elites. And these are the members of the party of the jackass who are telling us we need to reform “capitalism” or, in the words of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, “capitalism is irredeemable.” And how many millions have lost their lives under the tyranny of a socialist economic model? What took a prosperous nation like Venezuela and transformed into a living hell? Damn sure wasn’t capitalism.

Billionaire Ray Dalio said on 60 Minutes that capitalism needs to be remodeled to work for everyone — ya know, an economy that works for everyone. We have been down this road before, ol’ Jimmy Carter came up with the brilliant idea that every American has a right to own a home with his insidious Community Reinvestment Act, circa 1978. Just thirty years later we experienced a massive economic meltdown due to the mortgage industry crisis because the government injected itself into a free market industry. I suppose it is easy for Mr. Dalio, after making his billions, to join the socialist elitist oligarchy looking down his nose and now telling us all we need to all be made economically equal. Bovine excrement!

I, for one, will not fall into this “stuck on stupid” trap. I feel no compulsion to defend the free market system. I will continue to hammer the progressive socialist left and challenge them to defend their delusional concept that they are responsible for making us all economically equal. God gave us all different, respective, talents and skills. We should not allow anyone to leverage the divisive politics of class warfare and wealth redistribution to gain power, control, and domination. I am 5’9″ and was not intended to be a professional athlete. I do not disparage those who have certain athletic talents that enable them to earn millions upon millions of dollars. I am economically unequal to them, admittedly so. I was born to be an American soldier and perhaps will never be a multi-millionaire, but I am rich in so many other ways. I served my country. I am a husband to a beautiful wife, and dad and two lovely daughters who I am watching grow up and achieve their dreams. I am an American, a proud black man. I am a child of God, a Christian.

See, I do not need any idiot socialist trying to make me equal to anyone based upon their ideological agenda. I have been able to pursue my happiness my entire life . . . no man can guarantee my happiness.


Socialism produces elite oligarchs who deem themselves above the rest. They regard us as serfs, as they rise above us to rule, not govern, and offer us their crumbs while they eat from the tables of the new Politburo.

Hey, Bernie, do us all a favor, shove that mess you know where.

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