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Who is to blame for the violence in Charlottesville?
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Additional responsible parties have been identified in connection with Saturday’s deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Should mayors who create ‘sanctuary cities’ be arrested by the feds?
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Should leaders who create sanctuary cities be arrested? Many wonder why the U.S. federal government does not arrest local leaders who defy federal immigration laws.

Is speaking English really a requirement for U.S. citizenship?
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Is speaking English really a requirement for U.S. citizenship? The question of whether immigrants to the U.S. must learn English came to the forefront of the debate this week.

Will the Real Racists Please Stand Up? Racism and Gun Control
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There is an element of racism associated with the American gun control movement, but its origins and proponents may be surprising to many.

NWU Professor Says Supreme Court is Wrong on Free Speech
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A sociology professor at NWU said on Wednesday that the Supreme Court got it wrong when it unanimously sided in favor of free speech.

Reaping What They Sow: Evergreen College’s Progressive Education Failure
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Evergreen College struggled to re-open on Monday after weeks of death threats, race-fueled attacks, and property damage committed by the “progressive” student thugs they created.