Anti faprotestorsattackpolice
Anti-fa protestors attack police at the Portland Free Speech rally (Image: AP)

In a shocking display of hypocrisy, 14 “anti-fa[scism]” protestors were arrested in Oregon on Sunday for attempting to suppress their opposition, the very definition of fascism.  

Fascism on display in Portland… by the “anti-fa” activists

On Sunday, hundreds of conservative voters assembled at the Terry D. Schrunk Plaza for a “Trump Free Speech” rally. The event sponsors hoped to use the event to educate liberals in the area about conservative viewpoints and to encourage support for America’s president.

Portland “anti-fa[scist]” liberals, however, immediately seized upon the event as some sort of endorsement of a recent train attack by a deranged individual.  Citing the Metro rail attacker, liberals began a concerted effort to disrupt the planned free speech event. Ultimately, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was forced to ask the federal government to revoke the permit for the event, however, federal officials declined the request, saying there was no legal basis to revoke the permit.

The event organizer,Joey Gibson, tried to calm the hysteria, explaining that the group was neither “alt-right” nor racist , and had no connection whatsoever to the Metro rail attacker.

Fascism: “The forcible suppression of opposition”

By definition, fascism is the “forcible suppression of opposition”. The 14 “anti-fa” counter-protestors arrested on Sunday claimed they were against fascism, hence their nickname “anti-fa[scism]”.   However, their actions reflected the very definition of fascism at its most extreme. They were arrested while attempting to use force to suppress an opposition whose political views they found disagreeable. They hurled glass bottles, bricks and balloons containing foul-smelling liquids at officers and rally attendees, ultimately prompting the officers to fire back with tear gas and close the park, effectively preventing their opposition from expressing their constitutionally-protected rights.


noun ~
“A form of radical authoritarian nationalism involving the forcible suppression of opposition and characterized by an intolerance of the views of others.”

Jeremy Christian was neither liberal nor conservative. He was an extremist.

The anti-fa protestors used as their excuse for their violence, their (mistaken) belief that the free speech rally attendees approved of the Metro rail attack and that the attacker was “one of them”. The train attacker, Jeremy Christian, however, was not a Trump supporter. In fact, he had threatened on social media to “kill everybody who voted for Trump”. He was also not a Hillary supporter. Christian did not even vote in the recent election, having been an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Christian espoused issues embraced by both liberals and conservatives. He supported the liberal left’s environmental efforts at Standing Rock, and the conservative right’s support of freedom of speech.

However, whatever ideology Christian happened to support, his views took an extremist direction. He called for the beheading of those who practice circumcision, for example, and for the death of anyone who had supported either Trump or Hillary. He despised Muslims. He was photographed making a nazi salute at a white supremacist event.

“Extremism” responsible for the Metro rail attack

Perhaps the most accurate thing that can be said of Jeremy Christian is that he is a disturbed individual who applies an extremist view to anything he cares about. Tragically, that extremism exploded on the Metro rail and caused the death of several innocent people.

The same kind of extremism and intolerance was evident on Sunday in the actions of the “anti-fa[scist]” protestors who attacked the Trump Free Speech rally attendees. Bystanders at the event noted the rally attendees were generally civil and respectful. The liberal counter-demonstrators, however, showed no such restraint. The “anti-fa” counter-protestors were themselves the very example of the extremism and fascism they claim to despise.

The true faces of fascism:

The Portland police department have released the pictures of a number of those arrested on Sunday:

The faces of fascism
Individuals arrested attempting to disrupt the Free Speech rally in Portland (Image: Portland Police)

The individuals arrested by police will face a number of charges, including disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon, interfering with a peace officer, and harassment.

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