(FOX NEWS) – The editorial board of a major New Jersey newspaper recently claimed that the Second Amendment “is a curse.”

The Star-Ledger published an editorial on Tuesday titled, “The Second Amendment is a curse,” which railed against Americans’ gun rights, claiming they’re making it difficult for state lawmakers to enact gun safety measures, like gun free zones. 

The piece argued that while the Supreme Court and pro-Second Amendment lawsuits make it harder for New Jersey to pass gun control, “300 people” are “shot every 24 hours” in the U.S.

The editorial began with the board slamming the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision to strike “down a more-than-century-old state law that restricts the right to carry a concealed handgun in public.”

The board lamented how the court’s decision has made it easier for lawsuits to dismantle any attempt by the New Jersey governor to “sharply limit where guns can be carried in New Jersey.” The board said, “Where you have fewer guns and stricter laws, you have fewer gun injuries and deaths, research has shown. Yet while most people are solidly on his side, the law may not withstand legal challenges.”



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