SACRAMENTO, CA – He describes himself at a carrying member of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”. But Craig DeLuz plans to prove he’s no ordinary conservative as he begins his tenure the President & C.E.O. for Second Amendment News Corporation (2ANews).

“You could say I’m a gun toting, urban, Black, conservative who loves America and will fight for the values that made this the greatest country on God’s Green Earth,” DeLuz exclaimed. “My goal with 2ANews is to see that liberty minded Americans get news and commentary that will inform and inspire them to find their place in the fight for our freedoms.”

2ANews was founded on Veterans Day 2016, with the mission to support the principles embodied within the U.S. Constitution through responsible civic journalism. While particularly focused on second amendment and gun right issues, 2ANews reports on all issues impacting those freedoms enumerated within the United States constitution or its laws. Craig remains committed to this mission.

“I wanted to bring together the best in news and commentary from folks who are on the ground and in the fight for our civil rights”, stated DeLuz. “I believe our audience will enjoy hearing news and commentary from a fresh unfiltered perspective.”

Content providers will include: Polite Society Podcast, Gun Freedom Radio, The Gun Collective, Maj Toure of #BlackGunsMatter, Rick Ector of Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID), Arms Room Radio, The Gun Collective, Charlie Cook of Riding Shotgun with Charlie, Deputy Matt, Rob Morse of SlowFacts,  Jeremy Hatfield of 99point7percent and many more.

Craig (who himself will also be a content contributor) is a long-time political activist and conservative Commentator. For the last six years he served as the Director of Legislative and Public Affairs for the Firearms Policy Coalition. In that capacity he was as the face of the Nation’s fastest growing gun rights advocacy group, and continues to host their daily program on Second Amendment issues, “Morning Coffee with Craig”.  

DeLuz has appeared on ABC’s Nightline, CNN, the Blaze, Aljazeera, as well as Australia’s top rated news program The Project.  He’s also done commentary and analysis on national issues for local NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox affiliates, as well as hosted local radio talk shows on KTKZ, KDEE & KJAY and been the subject of several articles in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times & Sacramento Bee.

Craig has served as the CEO for the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, Chairman of the California Black Republican Council, Editor for Red County –  Sacramento, a featured commentator with the American Urban Radio Network, and for 15 years has served as President of the Robla School Board in the City of Sacramento, California.


2ANews is a media and news service, reporting on all issues impacting those freedoms enumerated within the United States constitution or its laws.

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